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If you’re one of the two other people in the world beside myself that don’t care for smoothies, this recipe is for you.

I’ve just never found smoothies appealing.  The thick, gloppy texture…the unsatisfying lack of anything to chew…the “drink your calories” mentality…I’ve never understood how anyone can just have a smoothie for breakfast and nothing else, or been satisfied with one as a snack.  Beyond that, they’re not exactly toddler-friendly.  Either my almost two-year old gives himself a stroke attempting to suck it through a straw or spills it everywhere: no thanks.

Gelatin, on the other hand, is something my kids have never once turned down, no matter what is in it.  Considering it’s an ingredient often added to smoothies anyway, these gummies are a more palatable–not to mention cleaner–way for my family to enjoy it. (more…)


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